According to the Partnership Act of 1890, a partnership is “the relation which subsists between persons carrying on a business in common with a view of profit” and this remains the definition to this day. The 125-year-old Partnership Act 1890 sets out laws and regulations which are out of date and often do not apply to a modern day partnership.

A Partnership can be a hugely profitable decision to make for your business, but it is crucial that it is regulated by a solid, well-thought-out Partnership Agreement. Carter Bond can advise on the whole range of LLP agreements and structures, be it a start-up, a conversion, or a joint venture. We act for businesses, management committees, owners, investors, corporate members, and individual partners, with the aim of maximising the agreements’ flexible nature and making sure that it is aligned with the needs of both the business and the partners involved.


What We Do

  • Partnership Disputes.
  • LLP Agreements.
  • Partnership Agreements.
  • Dissolution of a partnership.
  • Retiring from a partnership.