In the world of business today, Joint Ventures are becoming an increasingly important way to work for large and small companies alike. However, the smaller your business, the more carefully you must consider the issues surrounding such a venture, and the best way to do this is to seek solid legal advice. Once you have discovered a business opportunity and found a partner who brings the requisite expertise, contacts, or resources, it is imperative that you find a solicitor who can help you draft the best possible Joint Venture Agreement.


What We Can Do

A Carter Bond Joint Venture Agreement will cover:

  • The structure of the business and whether assets and employees will be directly employed in the joint venture structure or remain with the parties.
  • Agreement on division of profit and & loss and tax.
  • Events of default and dispute resolution procedures.
  • Practical issues such as bank mandates and operational restrictions.
  • Exit strategies and termination of Joint Venture Agreement.
  • Ownership of assets in the Joint Venture.